My dog ate my pitta breads.

Before I get into this post I just want to share that I have just come into my room to find my dog has managed to get into my handbag and eat a whole pack of 5 pitta breads that I kept ready for my lunches this week. I am beyond mad. The pup better be grateful she is so cute!


I usually spend my half term holidays cuddled up in my onesie, catching up on work and my netflix watch list. However, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and start my new single lifestyle with a bang. Usually, I can’t survive more than one night out in a week but I somehow managed to have 2 big nights planned and didn’t want to miss either. I have to admit it was refreshing to find that I didn’t keep looking at the clock and counting down the hours until I could get in a taxi with a tray of cheesy chips, but actually danced the nights away (at one point, on the bar!) and enjoyed myself as I probably should have been during my student years.

On Thursday I went to a club with some old uni friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. It was sooooo good to catch up with them we spent a good portion of the night strutting our stuff without a care about what we looked like. I was never much of  a dancer, tending to stick to the oh-so-safe sidestep, trying to look cute and not make eye contact with the person dancing opposite me. Apparently that has changed.  I am certainly glad that there is no photographic evidence of my new dancing technique!

So, about halfway through the night it dawned on me that I am a single lady and that actually, this was a good opportunity to find out what it’s all about. I scanned the bar for anyone who looked attractive but found myself disappointed at what I saw. Now, I know that it’s not all about the looks – I promise I’m not that shallow – but I will say that I do think there needs to be a physical attraction there and I found it difficult to muster up any sort of opinion other than blahhhh about anyone I locked eyes with. Eventually, I saw a guy I liked the look of and pointed him out to my friend. Go for it! was her advice and that was the moment I froze…

How exactly do you go for it? I honestly didn’t know how to start up a conversation with this guy. I mean for one thing, it was as noisy as hell, which you would expect considering our location, and then there was the problem of what to actually say to him, on the off chance he would hear and understand me. So I stood like a lemon, catching his eye and flashing a goofy smile, dancing a little bit closer to him until eventually, another girl came along, super confident – all smiley and flirty- and with 10 mins they were at the bar together, him buying her a drink whilst she laughed at his jokes and leant on his arm. She made it look so easy.

Luckily, I didn’t have much time to ponder my disappointment because at that moment, Cyndi Lauper came on which demanded we climb up onto the nearest table to sing at the top of our voices.

So, I forgot all about men again until it came to near the end of the night and some guy beckoned me over to where he was sat. (I’d just been having a high kick competition with my friend Steven and almost flat on my arse, so maybe that is what attracted him!) We spent the next half an hour trying to have a conversation, which turned out to be very difficult thanks to the noise, amount of alcohol in my system and the fact he had a very strong Welsh accent. I don’t really remember anything that we talked about but I somehow ended up with his phone number. I’d established that he was in Manchester working and was staying in a hotel. He tried to lean in for a kiss but I dodged his advances and skipped off home, crashing in bed with a friend at 5am. Just as I was about to nod off, my phone buzzed and a text appeared from the Welsh man. What do you wanna do? Come to my hotel? I kindly refused and after some more persuading (although I’m more tempted to call it begging) on his part, he signed off and I haven’t heard from him since.

And that was my introduction to the dating system nowadays. I did have another night out, which I will discuss in another post, and my conclusion from both experiences is that nowadays it is perfectly acceptable to go out and hook up with someone in a bar. Apparently one night stands are the done thing. I’m not narrow minded enough to think that all men are only after this kind of arrangement and I am not making a statement about how chivalry is dead. In fact, I kind of like it. I think it gives women the independence to enjoy themselves and have fun without the pressure of a relationship or people judging them for being ‘easy’. I was relieved to find that nobody batted an eyelid when I kissed 2 guys in one night (again, I’ll share in the next post- this one is getting super long!) and I’m happy to find that being single is way more fun than I anticipated! Obviously, I didn’t take this particular guy up on his offer, and I am not sure that I will end up sharing a bed with someone I hardly know in the future. But then again, I never though I would find myself dancing on a bar and that happened.

And on that note – goodnight!

L x


Watch Ed Sheeran’s Soulful Cover of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’

I am just a little bit in love with this guy!


British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran stopped by BBC Radio 1 Tuesday to offer an adorable reading of the weather report — and also to sing Christina Aguilera’s 2002 hit “Dirrty” for the station’s Live Lounge. The segment features popular singers covering other artists, often in delightfully genre-bending ways. (See the Arctic Monkeys covering Drake and Kings of Leon covering Robyn.)

Though Sheeran totally crushes it on “Dirrty,” he revealed that he’d originally planned to tackle a different tune:

Sheeran puts his soulful spin on Aguilera’s vocals and even tackles Redman’s rap verse. Good job, Ed. No wonder Taylor Swift loves you so much.

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Listen to the…

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Things that change when you’re unattached.

diary of a single girl

Things that change when you’re unattached.

There have been many things that have changed over the past 6 months as I have grown used to being a single pringle; some good changes and some not so good! I have been lucky enough to experience life as part of a couple for over 4 years of my life and now I’m embracing being unattached and thought it might be nice to comment on the differences I have noticed in my lifestyle. Please beware: this might be a serious case of TMI (too much info)!!

1. Smooth skin is a thing of the past.

When living life as part of a twosome I found that I was always careful to keep myself trimmed and maintained in all the relevant areas. That is no longer the case my friends. I have fully embraced the theory that hairy legs keep you warmer in winter and have only taken to shaving my armpits on those days I knew I’d be lifting my arms at the gym. I think this is mainly due to pure laziness and with nobody to complain about prickly legs in the bed, I’ve not really bothered to keep myself smooth and sexy. In fact, it was only last week that I ducked out of a morning swim because I didn’t want to embarrass myself by flashing my man legs. On the positive side- those times when I have actually dug out the old Venus Embrace and spent 20 mins in the shower de-fuzzing, I have felt like a goddess – sexy as hell. So you know, it’s swings and roundabouts kids!

2.I no longer cook or clean.

Once upon a time I was quite house-proud. I actually enjoyed spending a Sunday morning with my hands in bleach and almost burst with excitement when it was time to get the steam mop out. Now that certainly is not the case. It might be because I am back living at home with the parents (a temporary arrangement that is dragging on a bit too long for my liking!) but it’s not very often that the feather duster makes an appearance and my bedroom is in a state of ‘organised chaos’. I don’t do any washing until I have worn my last pair of knickers and I never iron my clothes. And cooking? Well, there just isn’t any point cooking for one. So I now live off salad & soup unless mother makes the tea!

3. It’s just me.

This might seem like a bit of an obvious one but it’s definitely been the most difficult adjustment to make. In most ways, it’ actually been a positive thing. I don’t have to worry about considering anybody opinion. I can use my car without thinking about when I need to pick the other half up from work, I go wherever I want, whenever I want. I watch whatever I want to on Netflix and there are no arguments when I choose a chick-flick. I never get cold in the night because I don’t share the quilt and I can ignore my alarm for as long as I want in the morning. But there is the downside too. It’s not nice that I only sign my name on the bottom of birthday cards, if I want a cuddle before I sleep I have to shout my dog and there is nobody to share the silly moments in my day with. Plus, I do miss the play fights and lunchtime ‘what you eating?’ texts.

4. I don’t take sex for granted any more.

It used to be that if I didn’t ‘do it’ at least once every four days I would pout and stomp sit in a terrible mood until it happened. Those days are certainly a thing of the past. Now I’d be happy if it happened once every four weeks. And there are so many things to worry about! When is likely to happen next and who with? So I need to constantly be in state of preparation, just in case the moment arises. Clean, sexy underwear should be on hand at all times, I keep contraception in my handbag (you know, should I happen to meet someone on my way home from work and feel the need to jump him there and then) and should I keep some sort of tally in case the notches on my bedpost starts to reach a concerningly high number? *I should probably mention at this point that all of these worries are actually hypothetical ones at this moment in time. In reality, there has been one guy who has caused me consider these things but still – a girl can hope right?

5. I look good in the gym.

Every single outing has now become a potential moment where I might meet ‘the one’. (Yes, I do believe that true love can blossom in the frozen aisle of Tesco!) Although I can’t say I am addicted to make up I have noticed that I rarely leave the house without some form of it on nowadays. I consider every outfit carefully and long gone are the days of quick trips in my scruffs. My wardrobe has had a complete overhaul and I take the use of ‘casual layering’ and ‘statement necklaces’ very seriously. I even apply mascara before I use the gym and I probably own as many workout clothes as I do other items. But this is something I really like. I think when I got into a relationship, I stopped making an effort and I spent more time in my boyfriend’s hoodies than I did my own clothes. I lost a sense of who I am and I will never be making that mistake again!

6. In general, I am much happier.

This is the difference that surprised me the most. I am happier than I have been in a long time. Yeah, there are lots of things I miss about being part of a couple, but generally, I am much happier. I’m not saying this will always be the case and already I feel ready to start meeting new people and start dating, but I think it will be a while before I am ready to commit to a serious relationship again. I’m too busy falling in love with me. I’d be lying if I said there aren’t moments where I feel sad about everything that has happened in the past year of my life and I am still dealing with all of those negative emotions caused by ‘the break up’ and it’s aftermath, but every day I am thinking about it less and less and I am spending more time with a smile on my face.

And there we are! It’s a good job I blog anonymously because there is probably waaaaayyyy TMI in that post, but sometimes we have to be frank and honest about things! Hope you enjoyed this latest installment!

Love from,

L x

LUSH products review… Part One!

I have to apologise in advance that this post is probably going to be a long one. And I know some of you have been waiting for this one – sorry for the delay! If you have been a reader from the beginning you might already know that I recently ‘discovered’ LUSH and their products. Obviously, unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of this company and I was no different. In fact, I have often been into their stores but never actually made a purchase until recently. I think the main reason for this is that it can be more than a little overwhelming when you first walk into a LUSH shop, and despite their helpful staff, it can be hard to find something you actually want and will use. Nowadays, their stores are always super busy, so I would recommend going during a less busy shopping period if you want to be able to browse and discover products in your own time.

Anyway, after reading about how amazing their products actually are I spent some time on their website, reading up on what things are used for and what ingredients they contain. I placed an order and since then I’ve become hooked. At the moment, I am trying a variety of their products so that I can decide which ones I love and want to become a staple item in my beauty collection. That’s a good thing for you guys because I have lots of them to review for you! So here goes…


Bath bombs/melts & Bubble Bars


These products are used in your bath and are designed to leave your skin feeling really silky and smelling beautiful.

You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt. (£3.35) I really liked this bath melt. It smelled really fresh in my bath and I came out feeling happy and bubbly. I would recommend this is you are a morning bath person – it’s not one that relaxes you ready for bedtime. It includes avocado butter in its ingredients and have to admit that my skin felt really smooth and almost moisturised after I used this.

Floating Island Bath Melt (4.35) This is the first bath melt I used and I have to say I prefer it’s scent over all the other bath melts they have available at the moment. It uses cocoa and almond butter and I usually enjoy anything which uses these ingredients. It froths slightly as it melts into your bath and turns the water a milky colour, which I didn’t mind at all. I felt super relaxed and afterwards I got into bed and had a really good night’s sleep. Again, my skin felt soft and in really good condition when I stepped out of the tub.

As you might notice in the pictures I have also purchased Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment Bath Melt but I haven’t had chance to try it yet. I’m really looking forward to using it because it smells A-MAZING – just like a real marshmellow!

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar (3.65) If you have never used one of these before, a bubble bar is basically an alternative to using traditional bubble bath. You crumble these under the tap as it runs and they produce lots of lovely scented bubbles to preserve your modesty while you bathe! This one is really fresh and yummy and can be split up – I think I managed to get 3 baths out of it! I like the scent but can’t say it did much for my skin.

*I did also purchase the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar which was a limited edition for Valentines Day. I have used it once and reckon I can probably get another 2 uses out of it. I won’t fully review it because you can’t get it any more but I have to say it turns the water a gorgeous purple/ink colour which I LOVE!!! I also think the product itself looks really cool – it reminds me of the Groovy Chick merchandise for all of you 90’s kids out there!

Next on to shower stuff…


Prince Charming Shower Gel (£4.75) Again, this one was limited edition for Valentines day, but if you’re super quick you might be able to grab a bottle. I know all I seem to be talking about is how stuff smells but really, LUSH stuff always smells so good! This is also lovely – quite fruity and girly. It lathers well and basically works as a shower gel should. I can’t say that there are really any benefits to using this over a drug store gel other than it’s all natural ingredients. I like it, it’s nice but I wouldn’t say it is anything special.

You Snap the Whip Body Butter (£6.50) Okay, this thing is weird. It smells like a really strong sweet my grandma used to have as a kid, almost like Blackcurrant Liquorice. It’s a cross between a scrub and butter so it exfoliates your skin and the butter and oils used to create the bar are supposed to leave the skin feeling smooth, which I suppose it does. Now the downside. This thing is messy! It seems to melt really easily so I only manages to get 5 or 6 uses out of it which doesn’t feel like very many to me. It’s also black and it does end up all over the shower, so I had to spend a good 5 mins rinsing everything after each use. It was nice to try but I won’t repurchase this.

Rub Rub Rub (£8.75) I initially bought a pot of this scrub because it is so versatile. It can be used on dry skin as a really coarse exfoliant. It can be used on wet skin for a more gentle scrub and it can be used to wash hair and stimulate your scalp. I first used it on dry skin and it did a wonderful job – but I would warn you, my floor ended up covered in salt so make sure you stand in the bath or shower so you can easily clean up afterwards. I used it before shaving my legs and it seemed to help reduce shaving rash which was good. I tried using the scrub in my hair and was surprised to find it lathers really well like traditional shampoo. I have heard salt is good for giving you hair texture but I hated the way it made my hair feel once it had dried so didn’t use it for that purpose again. I did continue to use it about 3 times a week on wet skin as a scrub and liked it. I will definitely repurchase this one in the future.

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser (6.75) This is most certainly my favourite product by far!! I absolutely adore the way it makes my face feel after I have used it and I have to admit that although it does not completely remove the blackheads lurking on my nose, it does try its best to get rid of them and I haven’t yet met a product that works as well as this does. I love that it is fresh, love that it is natural and the pot is the perfect size so none has gone to waste before it hits the sell by date. Perfect! This one is going to stay a firm favourite in my beauty collection.



I have realised that this is going to become a super long post if I do not stop now! So I’m going to make this a two part thing. I still have a few products to review including 3 face masks, dusting powder, shaving soap and a moisturiser! I promise to get the second part up in the next few days, I hope you look forward to it!! In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to share your opinion on the above products, please leave a comment below!

L x

*For more information or to purchase anty of the products listed above visit This post is not a PR post – all purchases were made with my own money and lush have not asked me to complete these reviews.

Diary of a Single Girl.

As I am about to embark on the treacherous journey of ‘finding a man’ and enter the dating world for the first time in my life, I thought it might be nice to create a series where I can record all of my experiences. I anticipate that there will be many embarrassing moments ahead, probably quite a few terrible dates and I’m sure they will make a hilarious read. Plus, knowing that I am going to endure all of these for the sake of giving my readers a good giggle will make it all worthwhile.

On the flip side, I’m hoping that you lovely lot will be able to offer me some advice and basically help guide me through this somewhat terrifying experience! I should assure you that I am not actively seeking some lifelong commitment from each poor soul who I happen to swap numbers with; for now I just want to get out there and meet new people. I don’t really know how I expect this all to pan out; in fact I don’t even know where to start!

There is a really good-looking guy who works at my gym. Now, I’ve been going to this gym for the past year and haven’t really noticed him until recently but I guess I haven’t really been in the frame of mind where I was ready to start flirting with people. But now I definitely am. And now I hit the wall – how do I actually go about it? I see this guy every time I go to the gym and we do that goofy smile at each other and say hi. It’s a bit ridiculous really and makes me feel like some stupid teenager back in high school. I don’t know his name and haven’t managed to have any sort of conversation beyond ‘Can you get me a new fitness timetable please?’  I get the impression he is interested, by that I mean, he seems to actively look for me, but he hasn’t attempted to make any conversation beyond the norm. I could be totally wrong, and actually he is just being nice and doing his job! I guess what I want to do is get chatting to him and find out! But how do I do that? Comments on a post it below please :) Or, just in the comment box would be fine!

So that’s the first instalment written and I have to say I am really looking forward to sharing just how much of a fool I am with you all. And if any of you out there are dating experts, then please – get in touch!

Until next time,


15th February 2015

It’s Half Term!! Hundreds of teachers across the country will be crying “Hurray!” after what I consider to be the hardest half term of the year. No matter how long it actually is, the first half term back after Christmas always feels like a marathon.


Just quickly checking in to say hi! before I get to work on some lovely new posts for you all :) I’m planning to check off some of those articles I promised in my previous update (here) and then I’m going to get some more scheduled for next week so that I am nice and organised!

Hope you are all well :)

L x

Pitch Perfect 2 Pitch Slaps Fans With a Brand New Trailer

Cannot wait for this film!


The Barden Bellas are back, people! The new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is packed with acca-mazing covers of Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé (bow down, Bellas, bow down). And while details on the sequel’s plot are still scarce, we now know the team is suspended after Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy shows a little too much skin during a performance. Alas, very little holds these girls down, even the world.

Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters May 15, 2015.

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Listen to the most important stories of the day.

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One Day in the Life of a Reception Teacher.

So for those of you who don’t know already: I am a teacher. I am only in my second year in the profession and I teach Reception. For those of you not from England, this is the first year where school is compulsory and the children are just 4 and 5 years old. I have a class of 31 and I have 1 teaching assistant to help me get through the day.

Before I begin I just want to explain why I am writing this post. When I tell people what I do for a living I get 1 of 2 reactions. Either: Wow! You get to play all day and then get so many holidays – teaching is such an easy job! Especially when you only teach 5 years olds! Or: There is no way I could spend all day wiping snotty noses and cleaning up sick- I don’t know how you do it! As you might imagine, these stereotypical responses really annoy me because I work really hard to be good at my job and there is so much more to it than people think.

I know that there are a lot of disgruntled teachers voicing their opinions about how unfair the government is and how difficult our jobs are becoming and I completely agree with what they are saying. Being a teacher is hard work. But i’m not going to sit here and moan about how little we are paid and the amount of hours we put in to planning and making resources because it is my choice to do so. I decided to become a teacher and remain in the profession despite how demanding the job really is, so I feel it would be unfair to complain and preach to you about the problems in education today. Instead, I want to share my typical day with you. And yes, hopefully it might make readers think about how exactly how little time in my day is spent wiping noses, but it might also inspire people to think about just how rewarding teaching can be.

6am: The alarm goes off and I generally hit snooze because it feels like I shut my eyes to sleep only seconds ago. By 6.15am I am up and getting myself ready for the day. I tend to spend half an hour doing the usual morning routine and during that time I am going through my day in my head.Do I have any meetings to attend? Do I need to adapt my planning in maths because a child didn’t get it at all yesterday? Wait what did I even plan for Phonics? <– Those are the sorts of things I think about first thing in the morning.

7am (ish): The drive to school. I only live about 15 mins away from where I work which is handy. I tend to listen to a CD in the car rather than the radio. I always aim to leave the house by 7 but this doesn’t always happen. If I arrived at school any later than 7.30 am I would consider myself t be ‘late’ although my official start time isn’t until 8.30am. I then spend the next hour and a half preparing myself and my classroom for the day ahead. Being in an Early Years Setting means I have 10 different areas in my classroom which need to have an activity in them each day so that the children can use them to learn independently. Keeping these well resourced and linked to the current topic I am teaching is a huge task and so most of my morning gets spent doing this. I tend to get photocopying and other admin stuff done at this time too.  I always look over my planing and make sure I am organised and have everything I need ready and easy to reach so that I don’t have to worry about it throughout the day.

8.50 am: The children arrive! This part of the day is just chaos. I usually have a queue of parents wanting to speak to me about something and trying to dedicate my time to them is always difficult when also trying to comfort the child who is crying because they wanted to bring a toy to school, reminding the boys who like to sit and have a chat to please sit in their carpet spaces, just like we do every other day and to keep tabs on my teaching assist who is also dealing with parents.  But by 9am we always manage to dispatch the parents and I can settle myself in front of the class ready to do the register and teach English.

9am – 3pm: ‘Actual Teaching’ So this is the part of the day where I actually teach. In a typical day we fit in an English session, Phonics, Maths, Music or French. We also have Guided Reading sessions and Circle Time. The children get to use all the areas of the classroom for at least an hour and half each day, plus they enjoy the outdoor area for 2 x 40 minute sessions. These both have to be supervised and I use this time to complete assessments and target children who need extra support or to be pushed. We also need to fit in a story, nursery rhymes, have snack time and news time and of course, we have dinner time for 45 mins. So yeah, our day is jam-packed and not a minuet goes by where the children aren’t learning something. Every opportunity is seized and turned into a lesson of some kind- even lunch time and as a result, I don’t stop for one second. I even spend my lunch break on the phone to parents, dealing with a behaviour problem or in some kind of last minute meeting. The day goes by in a whirlwind and before I know it, it’s time to say goodbye to the little darlings. By the end of the school day I will have given out over 60 stickers, been drawn at least 5 pictures and I will be sick of the sound of my own voice. And yes, I will have wiped a snotty nose or two.

3pm – 6pm: The children are done for the day but I am not. Twice a week I run straight to some form of meeting or staff training and on a Tuesday I run a book club. The rest of my evenings are spent writing reports, looking at assessment data, marking books, creating resources for the next day, responding to emails, planning lessons for next week, tidying my classroom, making displays and researching new ways to improve my teaching. Unfortunately, 3 hours is not enough for this and so inevitably, the work comes home with me. I tend to do at least another hour a night at home and 1 full day at the weekend is spent getting ready for my week ahead.

6pm onwards: I try to get to the gym at least 3 evenings a week but this depends on how tired I am and how much work I have brought home to complete. I tend to get home at about 7pm and after having tea and a shower and doing all the other usual evening activities, I actually sit down between 8.30 and 9pm. By this point, my eyes are already closing. I fight to stay awake and watch something on Netflix or read a chapter of my book but I usually lose this battle. By 10pm I am usually asleep and before I know it, the alarm is going off again!

That’s a typical day. Being a teacher is by no means a walk in the park. At no moment in my day do I sit and play games or just switch off. I am constantly thinking about progress, targets and how well my pupils are achieving. I am worried about impending observations, reports and tables of data that are due in the coming week. The pressure is immense.

But despite all of these things, I love my job. Because seeing how happy Olivia* is when she finally writes her name correctly is amazing. Watching Billy* count to 20 without making a mistake makes me burst with pride. I spend more time with the children in my class than I do with anybody else and they spend more time with me than they do their own parents. Being able to make a difference in their lives is an incredible responsibility and one I really appreciate. There isn’t a day goes by without one of them making me smile and it is impossible to stay in a bad mood for long. I always come home with a funny story to tell and not many people can say that about their jobs. So from now on when I hear the words – “Babysitting children all day? That’s an easy job!” I might just smile and reply “It’s not the easiest, but it is the most rewarding”. 

L x

*Names have been changed. I don’t have an Olivia or a Billy in my class!

Liebster Award.

This has come as a complete surprise but I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. To have been nominated after such a small space of time is lovely and I want to thank diydaisyxo for her support!

It’s really difficult for me to find people to nominate as I am so new to the blogging world so I apologise if people have already been nominated. I do promise to update this nomination list in the future when I stumble across (and fall in love with!) some other new blogs.

My nomination list so far:

Little Miss Notting Hill

Beauty and the Bookcase

Jessica Spencer

Lead with the Hips

Time for Elle Tea?

The above blogs have less that 200 followers. I have visited all of their sites and love their posts so far, so you really should check them out if you haven’t already. Now the rules of the game are as follows. diy daisy has given me some questions to answer which I will do so below. I then write a list of questions for my nominations to answer. So here goes…

1. What/who inspired you to start a blog?

After splitting up with my long term boyfriend and having had basically a really rubbish 2014, I decided I wanted a project to focus on a fill my time with. And so unlikelynonsense was born!

2.What are your guilty pleasures?

Greys Anatomy, biscuits for breakfast on the occasional weekend, a night in bed with my heated blanket instead of a night on the town!

3.What are your pet hates?

Lying,  bad breath and people not giving me space when I need it.

4.What is your favourite meal?

Beef in red wine sauce!

5.Would you rather be boiling hot or freezing cold?

Freezing cold.

6.Books or movies?

Books. Always books.

7.What food do you snack on endlessly?

Pringles. In fact any crisps really. I have to avoid the savoury snack aisle in Tesco!

8.What’s your favourite season?

Autumn. I love being able to wrap up in jumpers and scarves again. I think it’s the prettiest season by far.

9.What are you’re top 3 favourite songs right now?

Ed Sheeran- Don’t, Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One, Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk 

10.Who is your favourite celebrity and why?

I don’t have a favourite celebrity. I don’t really pay much attention to them! If I had to say anyone I guess I would go with Emma Watson because she has shown that no matter your gender, age or occupation, you can still fight for what you believe in.

11.How many of your New Years resolutions have you given up on already?

1 – To save money! It’s not that I have given up, it’s just that I haven’t even started!

And my questions to my nominations are…

1. What is your favourite ever book?  2. What beauty product can you not live without? 3. If you had to spend the day as the opposite gender what would you do? 4. If you could be any disney character who would you be? 5. What’s your favourite form of exercise? 6. Where in the world would you least like to visit? 7. What is your most used emoticon? 8. What is your favourite month and why? 9. Describe your perfect night out (or in!)? 10. If you could time travel, what time would you go back to?

I look forward to reading your answers! Thank you again to the wonderful diydaisy!


L x

7th February 2015

It’s Saturday morning and for the first time this week I am feeling pretty relaxed. I wanted to get some more posts done throughout the week but Monday-Friday tends to be pretty hectic so I haven’t had the chance yet.

Today is a pretty average Saturday for me. I’m currently sat with a cup of coffee and my dog catching up on The 100 which I didn’t have time to watch during the week. I will be having my nails done in about an hour so I have been browsing Pinterest for some inspiration. I think I’m going to go for all silver glitter this time. Next I will be off the gym – a place I definitely have a love/hate relationship with! Later on I have some parent’s evening notes to type up and then I am off out for a meal with the family. Some friends have invited me for a boozy night in town but I haven’t yet decided if I am up for that yet!

So basically, I’m just checking in with you all. I’ve been enjoying reading your recent posts and have found lots of ideas for things to blog about in the future. If I can fit it in today, I plan to get some posts scheduled for next week – I need to get myself organised!! Here are a few posts that will be coming in the near future…

Lush Products Review

I have recently become a little addicted to LUSH and have bought lots of their products to try out over the past few months.

Current Wishlist

There are so many things I want to buy at the moment! A new season tends to mean lots of new collections and yes- the MAC Cinderella range is bound to be a feature!

Us. by David Nicholls  Book Review

This is the latest book I have read and it’s all over the shelves in the UK at the moment so I thought it might be nice to share my opinion on the book.

Day in the Life of a Reception Teacher

I always get annoyed when people tell me how easy they think being a teacher is. And how nice all the holidays are. Now, I’m not going to get on my soap box and moan about how difficult my job is- you hear enough of that in the news these days! I’m simply going to share my typical day and you can then make up your own opinion. It might also inspire a few of you to join the career!

So that’s what you can expect for the near future. I just want to say thanks for your support during my first couple of weeks as a blogger- your comments and advice have been amazing!

Until next time,

L x