March Favourites.

There are quite a few things I have been loving this month so let’s get straight to it!

1. Orange is the New Black

I recently downloaded Netflix and have been watching this non-stop this month. I have finished both seasons and can’t wait for the third! It’s hilarious, heart-warming, well-written and there isn’t a character whom I don’t love. It’s so real and such a good watch – I would recommend it to anyone!

2. New Nike Trainers

20150404_184438905_iOS 20150404_184505284_iOS 20150404_184527995_iOS

I have been wanting to get a new pair of trainers for a while now and I am always dazzled by the bright neon colours which are popular at the moment. I tend to stick with Nike because I just love their designs and I always go to sportsdirect to see if they have any bargains. Towards the beginning of the month I got lucky and managed to pick up these trainers for only £36. They add a pop of colour to my workout look and I they always make me smile when I catch a glimpse of them on my feet! 

3. Naked 3 Eye Palette


I’m not going to go on and on about this one because reviews have been done to death. If you haven’t been living under a rock then you will know all about how amazing this eye-shadow palette is! The colours are super pigmented and creamy and they make any eye make-up look fabulous. I do use this all year round but I have to say that the colours in it are really suitable for this time of year and are great to make some lovely natural springtime looks.

4. Lanolips Lip Products


This is another beauty one. Despite the warmer weather, I have still been suffering from dry lips. These Lanolips tubes have lasted me all winter and I just adore them – especially the lemonade one. They are creamy, glossy and really soothe cracked dry lips. They are super hydrating and contain SPF which is always a bonus!

5. Rose Gold Journal


My eye is immediately drawn to anything rose-gold and when I spotted this journal in Tesco, I almost squealed with excitement. It’s just beautiful. Being a teacher, I have to admit that cute stationary is one of my weaknesses!  It was an absolute bargain at only £2.50 and it is the perfect size to slip into my bag and use to jot down ideas and notes for my blog. Plus – it looks great with my pen!

6. The List: My Year of Sexual Adventures


I have just finished reading this book and I really did enjoy it. It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life and I do feel somewhat inspired by this memoir (of sorts!). Although I don’t intend to make my own list of sexual encounters to try, I do think I need to be more assertive and take control of my time as a single lady. I want to have fun and look back on this time of my life with a smile on my face, not with a list of regrets in mind. This book has helped me realise this and I really enjoyed switching off after a stressful day and laughing out loud at the funny moments!

7. Bourjois Highlighter and Bronzer Duo

20150404_184249998_iOS 20150404_184259203_iOS

This is my last beauty pick and it was an obvious choice for my March favourites. It’s easy to use, smells lovely and is the perfect colour for my complexion. Enough said!

Hope you liked my March favourites – what products have you been loving this month? Leave you opinions in the comments!

L x

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