Moral Dilemma. 

It was only in my last post for Diary of a Single Girl that I was talking about wanting to go out and have more fun while I am at a point in my life where I have the option to do that. I want to have no regrets when I look back on my time as a singleton and I want to shrug of my sensible side and let loose a little. And tonight I have the opportunity to do just that. An old friend from university recently got back in touch and tonight he is coming to stay in the city and is getting some of the old gang back together for a night on the town. He has been in a very similar situation to myself, spent most of his uni days in a long term relationship and has now found himself single at the age of 25 and wondering where to go from here. He’s a teacher like me, isn’t looking for something too serious, like me, and is a caring decent guy. Ticks all the boxes right?

Almost. The problem is this- he’s slept with quite a few girls I know. I have a sneaky feeling that he hasn’t always been committed in his past relationships. He has made it pretty clear that if I wanted to hook up tonight, he’s game and after 3 months flying solo so to speak, it’s a pretty tempting offer I have to admit. I mean, it’s not every day that you get the chance to sleep with someone who you already know and trust. But the sensible side of me is saying STAY AWAY! I don’t want to tread on the toes of his ex, or his ex ex come to think of it. And the chances of this little escapade staying between the two of us is highly unlikely- if there is one thing my uni friends are excellent at, it’s spreading gossip. So I’m pretty torn. The new fun- seeking part of me is saying go for it, you only live once and it’s not like I want this to lead on to anything more committed or serious- something he is definitely not the guy for! But the other side of me is saying I should maybe be looking for people outside my circle of friends. What’s a girl to do?! I guess all can say is watch this space! The next post in this series might end up being a juicy one!

As always, any advice on this matter is very much welcomed! Please leave a comment with what you think I should do!

Love always,

L x

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