My First Ever One Night Stand.

So I just had to do a quick update for you all and let you know how my night turned out on Thursday. For those of you don’t know I was faced with a bit of a moral dilemma (click here for the details) and wasn’t sure how might was going to pan out. Well, I can officially inform you that it was definitely not as I expected! 

When I met my friend’s at the bar I quickly realised that the guy who I was potentially going to hook up with had told all of our friends of his plans and that I was a ‘sure thing’. Well you can imagine my reaction to that bombshell and it turns out I was right to have reservations about him! He proceeded to buy me drinks and try to win me over but I really wasn’t interested after that. I continued to have fun and forgot about it.

Now, as a student I lived with my ex boyfriend and a few other people (lads and girls) and my old flatmates were out too. I have always found one of these flat mates of mine rather attractive (let’s call him J) and we have always got on well. When I arrived, he grabbed me and span me round and made me dance with him before I even had chance to get a drink. J and I continued to flirt throughout the night and it soon dawned on me that I might end up at his flat by the end of the evening. And that’s exactly what happened! He was the last person I would ever have expected to end up with – he lived with me during my last relationship and obviously got on well with my ex. But, these things happen, I had a lot of fun and I am very relieved to report my 3 month long dry spell has been broken!

J and I jumped into and taxi and were already kissing before he had managed to shut the door behind him. I do feel a little sorry for our taxi driver, but I don’t think we could control ourselves! I was quite drunk by this point but it made me lose my inhibitions, something I definitely needed! I will spare you the gory details about how we spent our time together but I can assure you I got very little sleep! What I didn’t think about though, was the mortifying walk of shame through the city centre that faced me the next day. I was very red-faced as I traipsed through town in last nights outfit amongst commuters in business suits on their way to work – but the embarrassment couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I remembered what I had been up to only a few hours before! This is something that I have never experienced before and I will hold my hand up and admit that as a 24 year old – this was my first one night stand!

This won’t go any further, it was carefree and no-strings-attached but it’s given me more confidence to go out and pursue these sorts of encounters. I had a lot more fun on a night out than I have in a long time and it was great to be able to chat and flirt with different people and I honestly found myself laughing and smiling all evening – I felt sexy and confident and it was nice that my old friends noticed and commented on the change in me. I feel much more like myself nowadays, I think I lost a sense of who I am during my relationship and it’s nice to have that back.

So that’s my latest adventure in my quest to navigate single life and I am starting to think that I’m starting to get a handle on things. I feel much better now I have taken the pressure to ‘date’ and find someone off and my resolution to focus on having as much fun as possible is starting to pay off. Hopefully I will continue to have some great little adventures to share with you all.

As always, thank you for reading!

L x


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