Once a Cheater…?

Hello! In one of my previous post’s – Moral Dilemma I talked about a uni friend who seems a perfect match on paper, but has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to girls. Well I’ve gone and done the one thing I probably shouldn’t have done – I’ve found myself a bit hooked on him. Here’s why…

We have the same job. For some people this is an absolute “no-no”, but as a teacher, I find it hard to find people who understands the demands of the job and the fact that work comes home with me on a regular basis and that quite often, it has to be my first priority. So him also being a teacher get’s rid of that problem. And we are also genuinely interested when the other person starts to talk about their day at work. We have the same sense of humour. He makes me laugh a lot and that is something that has been lacking in past relationships. We get the same jokes and he get’s when I am being sarcastic. We can talk for hours. We have basically been having one long conversation over text and Snapchat for three weeks now. Conversation lasts for hours and we just seem really in sync to the point where we will text each other the same thing at the exact same time. We share the same values and opinions and that is often hard to come by as well. He hasn’t tried it on. This is the bit that has surprised me the most. Although conversation has been flirty at times, he hasn’t actually tried to bring up the conversation about us hooking up or swapping pictures or anything – something guy usually tend to bring up pretty quickly. He has been the perfect gentleman really! We both went out on Friday (to separate places) and ended up texting as usual but thanks to the copious amount of alcohol in our systems, the conversation of something happening between us finally came up. He confessed he is interested in me, that he finds me interesting and beautiful and funny. (I almost fell off my chair at this!!) He told me he hasn’t had these feelings for a long time and he thinks we would be really great together. Not something I expected to hear at all!

The problem is this. He has a bad reputation with girls. He has admitted to me that he has hurt girls in the past and the rumours say he has cheated on his previous girlfriend although I haven’t asked him about this yet. So my question is Can you ever trust a cheater? I mean, I really believe in giving people second chances and not judging them by the mistakes they have made in the past. But then again, I have to protect myself from ever getting hurt again and he has the capacity to do this. He lives in a different city and I’m not sure I could ever fully trust him to make the same mistake again.

So blogging world, I need your advice!! What would you do? I’m not exactly ready for a ‘full on’ relationship anyway, so maybe we start off with something more casual and open? Maybe you have had a similar experience you don’t mind sharing? I need your pearls of wisdom!!

A rather confused,

L x


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