Once a Cheater…?

Hello! In one of my previous post’s – Moral Dilemma I talked about a uni friend who seems a perfect match on paper, but has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to girls. Well I’ve gone and done the one thing I probably shouldn’t have done – I’ve found myself a bit hooked on him. Here’s why…

We have the same job. For some people this is an absolute “no-no”, but as a teacher, I find it hard to find people who understands the demands of the job and the fact that work comes home with me on a regular basis and that quite often, it has to be my first priority. So him also being a teacher get’s rid of that problem. And we are also genuinely interested when the other person starts to talk about their day at work. We have the same sense of humour. He makes me laugh a lot and that is something that has been lacking in past relationships. We get the same jokes and he get’s when I am being sarcastic. We can talk for hours. We have basically been having one long conversation over text and Snapchat for three weeks now. Conversation lasts for hours and we just seem really in sync to the point where we will text each other the same thing at the exact same time. We share the same values and opinions and that is often hard to come by as well. He hasn’t tried it on. This is the bit that has surprised me the most. Although conversation has been flirty at times, he hasn’t actually tried to bring up the conversation about us hooking up or swapping pictures or anything – something guy usually tend to bring up pretty quickly. He has been the perfect gentleman really! We both went out on Friday (to separate places) and ended up texting as usual but thanks to the copious amount of alcohol in our systems, the conversation of something happening between us finally came up. He confessed he is interested in me, that he finds me interesting and beautiful and funny. (I almost fell off my chair at this!!) He told me he hasn’t had these feelings for a long time and he thinks we would be really great together. Not something I expected to hear at all!

The problem is this. He has a bad reputation with girls. He has admitted to me that he has hurt girls in the past and the rumours say he has cheated on his previous girlfriend although I haven’t asked him about this yet. So my question is Can you ever trust a cheater? I mean, I really believe in giving people second chances and not judging them by the mistakes they have made in the past. But then again, I have to protect myself from ever getting hurt again and he has the capacity to do this. He lives in a different city and I’m not sure I could ever fully trust him to make the same mistake again.

So blogging world, I need your advice!! What would you do? I’m not exactly ready for a ‘full on’ relationship anyway, so maybe we start off with something more casual and open? Maybe you have had a similar experience you don’t mind sharing? I need your pearls of wisdom!!

A rather confused,

L x

My First Ever One Night Stand.

So I just had to do a quick update for you all and let you know how my night turned out on Thursday. For those of you don’t know I was faced with a bit of a moral dilemma (click here for the details) and wasn’t sure how might was going to pan out. Well, I can officially inform you that it was definitely not as I expected! 

When I met my friend’s at the bar I quickly realised that the guy who I was potentially going to hook up with had told all of our friends of his plans and that I was a ‘sure thing’. Well you can imagine my reaction to that bombshell and it turns out I was right to have reservations about him! He proceeded to buy me drinks and try to win me over but I really wasn’t interested after that. I continued to have fun and forgot about it.

Now, as a student I lived with my ex boyfriend and a few other people (lads and girls) and my old flatmates were out too. I have always found one of these flat mates of mine rather attractive (let’s call him J) and we have always got on well. When I arrived, he grabbed me and span me round and made me dance with him before I even had chance to get a drink. J and I continued to flirt throughout the night and it soon dawned on me that I might end up at his flat by the end of the evening. And that’s exactly what happened! He was the last person I would ever have expected to end up with – he lived with me during my last relationship and obviously got on well with my ex. But, these things happen, I had a lot of fun and I am very relieved to report my 3 month long dry spell has been broken!

J and I jumped into and taxi and were already kissing before he had managed to shut the door behind him. I do feel a little sorry for our taxi driver, but I don’t think we could control ourselves! I was quite drunk by this point but it made me lose my inhibitions, something I definitely needed! I will spare you the gory details about how we spent our time together but I can assure you I got very little sleep! What I didn’t think about though, was the mortifying walk of shame through the city centre that faced me the next day. I was very red-faced as I traipsed through town in last nights outfit amongst commuters in business suits on their way to work – but the embarrassment couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I remembered what I had been up to only a few hours before! This is something that I have never experienced before and I will hold my hand up and admit that as a 24 year old – this was my first one night stand!

This won’t go any further, it was carefree and no-strings-attached but it’s given me more confidence to go out and pursue these sorts of encounters. I had a lot more fun on a night out than I have in a long time and it was great to be able to chat and flirt with different people and I honestly found myself laughing and smiling all evening – I felt sexy and confident and it was nice that my old friends noticed and commented on the change in me. I feel much more like myself nowadays, I think I lost a sense of who I am during my relationship and it’s nice to have that back.

So that’s my latest adventure in my quest to navigate single life and I am starting to think that I’m starting to get a handle on things. I feel much better now I have taken the pressure to ‘date’ and find someone off and my resolution to focus on having as much fun as possible is starting to pay off. Hopefully I will continue to have some great little adventures to share with you all.

As always, thank you for reading!

L x

Moral Dilemma. 

It was only in my last post for Diary of a Single Girl that I was talking about wanting to go out and have more fun while I am at a point in my life where I have the option to do that. I want to have no regrets when I look back on my time as a singleton and I want to shrug of my sensible side and let loose a little. And tonight I have the opportunity to do just that. An old friend from university recently got back in touch and tonight he is coming to stay in the city and is getting some of the old gang back together for a night on the town. He has been in a very similar situation to myself, spent most of his uni days in a long term relationship and has now found himself single at the age of 25 and wondering where to go from here. He’s a teacher like me, isn’t looking for something too serious, like me, and is a caring decent guy. Ticks all the boxes right?

Almost. The problem is this- he’s slept with quite a few girls I know. I have a sneaky feeling that he hasn’t always been committed in his past relationships. He has made it pretty clear that if I wanted to hook up tonight, he’s game and after 3 months flying solo so to speak, it’s a pretty tempting offer I have to admit. I mean, it’s not every day that you get the chance to sleep with someone who you already know and trust. But the sensible side of me is saying STAY AWAY! I don’t want to tread on the toes of his ex, or his ex ex come to think of it. And the chances of this little escapade staying between the two of us is highly unlikely- if there is one thing my uni friends are excellent at, it’s spreading gossip. So I’m pretty torn. The new fun- seeking part of me is saying go for it, you only live once and it’s not like I want this to lead on to anything more committed or serious- something he is definitely not the guy for! But the other side of me is saying I should maybe be looking for people outside my circle of friends. What’s a girl to do?! I guess all can say is watch this space! The next post in this series might end up being a juicy one!

As always, any advice on this matter is very much welcomed! Please leave a comment with what you think I should do!

Love always,

L x

Is Instant Messaging Actually a Hindrance?

I need to bring him up again. Fit guy at the gym. Although now I can call him Mark because recently he actually wore his name badge so I finally managed to figure out what he is called. So, if you have been reading this series (Diary of a Single Girl) then you will know that I have fancied the pants off this guy for quite a while. He is usually at the desk or by the pool when I visit my gym and so I tend to manage an awkward 3 line conversation before I run to the refuge of the changing rooms feeling rather flustered. It’s pretty pathetic really. I have always had the feeling that he might like me, he seems to want to make conversation and he tends to come into the gym when I am in to chat to the instructor there for a few minutes before flashing me a smile and heading off.

Anyway, on Sunday I went in and felt a little disappointed that I didn’t see him sat at the desk so I headed upstairs to complete my work out. Half way through, he comes in to the gym and it turns out he is covering for someone. We got chatting as usual but this time I didn’t really have anywhere to escape to and I actually managed a full conversation. He seemed to be flirting and we had a laugh – my instincts tell me that this guy is interested, and hot, so I should go for it- who knows what could happen. But that is where my problem is. I don’t know what to do.

Technology has made dating seem a lot less intimidating for me. Thanks to Tinder and the art of texting, I have managed to flirt with several guys over the past few months, confidently hidden by my phone. And after breaking the ice and chatting over Whatsapp I have been able to go out and meet people in person. I pretty much have the whole online dating down to a tee now. Flirt and chat about jobs and living situations, move on to jokes about how lame Tinder is and after a day or so of chit chat, offer your number and take it from there. It’s so far proved to be a fool proof method and my contact list is slowly growing with random numbers labelled with a mans name and a cute emoticon (Cue: Matt winky face and Pete Embarrassed Monkey). But now I have met someone in real life. Some one who I actually have a physical attraction to and who frankly makes me weak at the knees and turns me into a bit of a giggling school girl. He seems nice and funny and there is that good old-fashioned connection. Which I don’t want to go away. But in an age where instant messaging and alcohol fuelled hook ups are the norm, I don’t know the first thing about how to take the next step.

I feel silly just asking for his number, would be mortified if I invited him out for a drink and he said no and dread him revealing that he actually has a girlfriend sat at home. I don’t know where to go next and I imagine that he isn’t going to take the lead on this one a) because he comes across as a little shy like me and b) he’s at work and it might not be appropriate. Maybe I just need to grow a pair, and write my number down for him. Assertive girls are sexy right? But then the fear of rejection and having to see him every time I go to workout is almost too much to bear!

Maybe online dating isn’t such a revolutionary thing after all. Maybe it’s killing the art of human interaction. Now that’s a sombre thought!

L x

My problem.

The morning after my last (and coincidently, my first!) date, I debriefed with my sister. The conversation went something along the lines of : He was nice, didn’t really look like his pictures, tried a bit too hard, and was generally just a bit awkward. He’s a lovely guy, just not for me. And her response was “Are we finished with this Tinder phase now?” I asked what she meant by that. She told me that she doesn’t really believe Tinder is the place where I am going to find somebody who is actually relationship material. She thinks it’s all a bit shallow and too appearance based. My counter argument to that is that when you are on a night out, you don’t approach people who you aren’t attracted to do you? You look around and make an effort to speak to the guy who makes you a little weak at the knees. Now I know that looks aren’t everything and I would fiercely argue that the most attractive quality is always somebody’s personality but physical looks are also important to secure that initial connection.

Anyway, it did make me think about my time on Tinder and whether or not I should continue to be active on there. After all, if I seriously want to find somebody to have a serious relationship with then it’s not really the thing I want to be admitting to our future children Well kids, your dad swiped right on my Tinder profile and the rest is history! 

And then I realised that is my exact problem.

I don’t need to be looking for the next ‘Mr Right’. If in fact, my dating journey is successful, then eventually it will lead to a serious relationship. But instead of thinking about that end result, I should be enjoying my time as a single lady – after all this could be the last time that I find myself in this situation. I don’t want to look back and wish that I had had more fun. I’m currently reading The List: My Year of Sexual Adventures by Joanna Bolouri and I’m feeling pretty inspired by her attitude towards dating. She decides to write a list of things she wants to try sexually and then sets about crossing them off one by one. Now I’m not suggesting that is something I want to try myself, but what I am impressed by is how assertive and confident she is. She doesn’t think about the long term, but just what she wants in the moment. She enjoys meeting and spending time with new and different people and that’s what I feel I should be doing. I need to stop over thinking and just go with the flow. If I meet someone and end up in bed with them after the first date, so what? If I get chatting to a guy over text and they turn to something NSFW, then I should enjoy that rather than worrying about whether or not I come across as ‘too easy’. And it’s not just about sex. This is my time to enjoy flirting, going to new places with new people and to have fun.

And on that note I want to share the opening line my latest Tinder match used…

tinder 1tinder 2

Would you believe that after that horrendous chat-up line I actually gave him my number? I have to give him points for managing that one! So it’s another case of watch this space – I’m sticking with Tinder in the short term – just for a laugh. And I will of course, keep you updated on my antics now I have this fresh outlook on how to date successfully! Thanks for sticking with me :)

L x

Get Ready With Me: Date Night

If you have kept up with Diary of a Single Girl the you will know that I have recently been chatting to a guy I swiped right for on Tinder and that he had asked to meet me. Well last night was our date and I thought it might be nice to share what I wore/ used on my face. With me being an anonymous blogger, I couldn’t show you my finished make-up look but I hope this post will be interesting all the same!


On my face I used my Chanel Illuminator Base (a product I absolutely adore!), L’Oreal True Match Foundation, L’Oreal Illuminating Concealer and Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder. I don’t really contour my face obviously, but I do like to use Bourjois Delice De Poudre Highlighter to contour my nose and add a bit of bronzer round the sides of my face and I highlight the bridge of my nose, chin, under eyes and cupids bow. Finally, I use MAC Blusher in Margin on the apples of my cheeks. Face done!

I prime my eyes with MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection and then created a brown/bronze smoky eye look using my 2 favourite eye palettes Urban Decay’s Naked 3 and Smashbox’s Full Exposure. I love the matt colours in that second palette and plan to get lots of use out of it! I also received a free sample of their full exposure mascara when I purchased the eye palette and I absolutely love it and plan to purchase a full size version.

I love my lemonade Lanolips lip balm and wore that to complete my make-up look!


I used my Babyliss Curling Wand to loosely curl my hair. My hair is naturally very thin and if I try to curl it properly then it just falls out, so I tend to stick to slight curls which add volume and make it look a bit thicker.

20150320_194143364_iOS 20150320_194428338_iOS

And here is my outfit!! My dress is from Forever 21, the blazer is from H&M and I wear it all the time. My handbag is from River Island and my Jewellery (if you can see it!) is from Primark. My watch is my most beloved possession and it’s by Michael Kors.

The date itself was okay. We went to a nice bar and had a few drinks  but unfortunately I didn’t feel that spark. I found it really difficult to explain that I wouldn’t be interested in seeing him again, especially because he was so lovely. I suppose that is all part and parcel of the dating game and now I’m back to square one! So excuse me while I get myself back on Tinder and start swiping once again!

Until next time,

L x

My first ever date?

So this is really just a quick update to let you know how I am getting on. I haven’t been out recently or met anyone new. What I have done is stuck with Tinder and continued to chat to some guys. Most have been a few messages here and there and have either been people who are slightly (or not so slightly!) weird and not really my cup of tea or they have been posers who only want me to send them snapchats. But I have actually started speaking to a guy I kind of like…

We’ve been talking non – stop for almost a week now. He comes across as funny, charming and caring. He looks really attractive in his pictures and we have been getting on really well. And he’s asked me out! I don’t really know what to expect – I’ve never been out on a ‘date’ with someone I don’t know or who wasn’t a friend first. I’m quite excited to meet him in person and hope that he is as lovely in real life as he seems in his messages. I will have to keep you all informed of what happens – watch this space!

If anyone has any advice on what to wear / how to avoid any awkwardness and just general first date etiquette – please leave me a comment!!

L x

Tinder Dating

Tinder is probably one of the most talked about apps currently and as a single lady, I thought I would check it out and see what it’s all about. So I set up a profile, wrote a really short introduction and started swiping. It becomes fairly obvious quite quickly that lots of guys are on there for one thing and one thing only. But after lots of swiping left, every so often someone pops up who has a witty introduction and some half decent pictures and so I might be tempted to swipe right. I do find it a little judgemental looking at pictures and making a decision based on looks alone but I suppose that physical attraction is as important as personality to me. I’ve been lucky enough to have some matches and wanted to give you the ‘low-down’ on the guys I have been chatting to so far.

1. The Snapchat king. So he was my very first match and I was pretty naive in the ways of Tinder at this point. I swiped on a really good looking guy and we got chatting. Within an hour I had a topless picture sent my way and I have to admit I was in complete awe of the perfect 6 pack I was presented with. But then I got another picture and I will leave you to imagine what body part was in the photograph. The guy then began to ask me for pictures in return and after I politely refused I decided it might be best to unmatch him. Game over.

2. The personality changer. After a few more matches and conversations I stumbled upon someone who looked really handsome in his pictures. We got chatting and he was really nice, flirty and made me laugh – I was ill at the time and he certainly helped make me feel better. We sent messages back and forth for a couple of days and I decided to send him my phone number. I was feeling pretty smug, I have to admit – I’d found a nice and sexy man who seemed to have the same interests as I do. But then he started to get a little strange. He wanted me to text him constantly and if I didn’t reply within the hour (something I find difficult to do during the working week) he would send me more messages asking why I hadn’t replied. He began to tell me about how good he is in bed and how much I should go and visit him so that I can find out for myself. No thanks. When I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in that sort of thing he got really stand – off- ish and basically acted like a moody teenager for the afternoon. So yeah, a little high maintenance for me I think. I’ve stopped texting him so often and explained that I think it’s best if we just stay friends.

3. The friend of a friend. Occasionally, you stumble across a photograph of someone you know or recognise and then there is that funny moment where you wonder what to do. I kind of wish Tinder had a ‘come back later’ option so that you had time to think about what to do for the best. You see, you might find this friend of a friend attractive, and the fact that you have mutual contacts can be a good thing. But then again, it could be kind of embarrassing if they don’t match you and then you bump into them at a party in a few weeks time. On all of these occasions but one I have swiped left, but there is one guy who I decided to swipe right with and luckily, he was a match. I’m afraid I can’t say much more a this point. We have exchanged a few messages and I’m waiting to see what happens with this one so stay tuned!!

4. The disappearing act. This one has happened a few times. They look good, you start chatting, they ask all the right questions and you feel optimistic. And then they don’t reply all of a sudden. No warning or anything and that’s the end of that. I can only assume that something better came alone.

So that’s my experience of Tinder so far. I don’t really believe that this is the holy grail of dating and I doubt very much that  I will actually meet somebody using this method but it has given me more confidence to get chatting to people. I think I will probably stay on the app for a while and see what happens with guy number 3 – of course, I will keep you posted! This morning I had another embarrassing half conversation with the gorgeous guy in the gym where we commented on the weather and I asked for yet another fitness class timetable. I’m so lame it’s untrue – I really don’t know how to actually get speaking to him or how to ask for his phone number. Ah well- hopefully I might pluck up the courage sometime soon!

Anybody else have some experience of Tinder? How about other dating websites? Would love to hear you experiences!

L x

Another Night Out.

If you read my last post in this series (click here!) you will know that I recently went on a night out and made a somewhat half hearted attempt to get out there and meet some guys. The following night I had a girls night planned and got all dolled up and ready to hit the town. The occasion was my friends birthday and I hadn’t met some of the girls we were going out with before. After quick introductions over pre-drinks I found that one of the girls was in a very similar situation to me and we hit it off immediately – it felt nice to have a wingman for once! We went to a few clubs and had a great time drinking and dancing the night away. It wasn’t until about half way through the night that we turned our attention to the opposite sex and began looking for new people. It wasn’t long until I spotted a guy I liked the look of, he was tall and good looking, looked a little ‘indie’ and had a great smile. We did the whole awkward meeting each others gaze across the dance floor a few times and I continued to dance a little drunkenly, hoping I looked at least a little bit sexy. Eventually, we ended up dancing next to each other, and keeping the girls in my sight, (feeling a bit more confident after an encouraging thumbs up from my new found wingman) we began to chat, or rather shout into each others ears, and have a good boogie together. Before I knew it we were kissing right there in the middle of the dance floor and I’m sorry to report it wasn’t that good. I later found out he was only 20 (too young for me!) so I’m putting it down to inexperience on his part! After a short while, I decided to go back to my group so I said goodbye and let him put his number in my phone. I felt bad knowing that I had no intention of ringing him,  but I wasn’t sure how else to leave this situation without hurting his feelings. (It’s not something I have ever done before!) Despite , knowing I wouldn’t take things further, I still went back to my friends with a smile on my face liking the knowledge that I at least still have it in me to get chatting (and kissing apparently!) new people. We carried on the night and I’m happy to say that my wingman also ‘pulled’ a nice looking guy and they spent the rest of the night together dancing and drinking. Along with this new guy came his best friend, and it wasn’t until towards the end of the night that I got chatting to him. Now I have to be honest, he wasn’t really the type of guy I would usually go for but we got chatting and he seemed nice. He was saying all the right things – how much he respects my job, how he wasn’t one of those guys just looking for a one night stand etc etc. Which made me think he probably was one of those guys. Either way by this point I will admit the alcohol I had accumulated in my system over the past 2 nights had taken hold of my inhibitions again and I flirted. He was very complimentary and we had fun dancing, chatting and yes, kissing. (2 guys in one night! Now that’s something I have never done before!) We swapped numbers but neither of us have bothered to get in touch.

Overall, I would say this is a pretty successful outcome for one of my first big nights out as a single lady! it felt really liberating to be able to go out and chat to guys, and at no point did I feel judged for spending time with more than one person, in fact my antics seemed pretty tame to most. I was also surprised to find that the men I spoke to weren’t put off when I explained that I wouldn’t be going home with them. I expected that most would people in a bar would only be after a one night stand but that doesn’t seem to be the case! But here’s the issue I didn’t expect to face. I have only ever been on the recieving end of rejection and when I found myself isn’t s point where I didn’t want to continue anything with the lads I spoke to, I found it really difficult to know what to do about it. In both cases, I ended up swapping numbers and then not getting in touch, which makes me feel really bad. There was nothing wrong with either guy- they just weren’t for me. It’s just pretty hard to put that into words when you are talking to someone face to face!

So – answers on a postcard! How do you tell someone thanks for the drink, but I’m not all that interested after all? Do you have a tried-and-tested get out strategy? Please leave a comment on this post and share your wisdom!

L x

My dog ate my pitta breads.

Before I get into this post I just want to share that I have just come into my room to find my dog has managed to get into my handbag and eat a whole pack of 5 pitta breads that I kept ready for my lunches this week. I am beyond mad. The pup better be grateful she is so cute!


I usually spend my half term holidays cuddled up in my onesie, catching up on work and my netflix watch list. However, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and start my new single lifestyle with a bang. Usually, I can’t survive more than one night out in a week but I somehow managed to have 2 big nights planned and didn’t want to miss either. I have to admit it was refreshing to find that I didn’t keep looking at the clock and counting down the hours until I could get in a taxi with a tray of cheesy chips, but actually danced the nights away (at one point, on the bar!) and enjoyed myself as I probably should have been during my student years.

On Thursday I went to a club with some old uni friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. It was sooooo good to catch up with them we spent a good portion of the night strutting our stuff without a care about what we looked like. I was never much of  a dancer, tending to stick to the oh-so-safe sidestep, trying to look cute and not make eye contact with the person dancing opposite me. Apparently that has changed.  I am certainly glad that there is no photographic evidence of my new dancing technique!

So, about halfway through the night it dawned on me that I am a single lady and that actually, this was a good opportunity to find out what it’s all about. I scanned the bar for anyone who looked attractive but found myself disappointed at what I saw. Now, I know that it’s not all about the looks – I promise I’m not that shallow – but I will say that I do think there needs to be a physical attraction there and I found it difficult to muster up any sort of opinion other than blahhhh about anyone I locked eyes with. Eventually, I saw a guy I liked the look of and pointed him out to my friend. Go for it! was her advice and that was the moment I froze…

How exactly do you go for it? I honestly didn’t know how to start up a conversation with this guy. I mean for one thing, it was as noisy as hell, which you would expect considering our location, and then there was the problem of what to actually say to him, on the off chance he would hear and understand me. So I stood like a lemon, catching his eye and flashing a goofy smile, dancing a little bit closer to him until eventually, another girl came along, super confident – all smiley and flirty- and with 10 mins they were at the bar together, him buying her a drink whilst she laughed at his jokes and leant on his arm. She made it look so easy.

Luckily, I didn’t have much time to ponder my disappointment because at that moment, Cyndi Lauper came on which demanded we climb up onto the nearest table to sing at the top of our voices.

So, I forgot all about men again until it came to near the end of the night and some guy beckoned me over to where he was sat. (I’d just been having a high kick competition with my friend Steven and almost flat on my arse, so maybe that is what attracted him!) We spent the next half an hour trying to have a conversation, which turned out to be very difficult thanks to the noise, amount of alcohol in my system and the fact he had a very strong Welsh accent. I don’t really remember anything that we talked about but I somehow ended up with his phone number. I’d established that he was in Manchester working and was staying in a hotel. He tried to lean in for a kiss but I dodged his advances and skipped off home, crashing in bed with a friend at 5am. Just as I was about to nod off, my phone buzzed and a text appeared from the Welsh man. What do you wanna do? Come to my hotel? I kindly refused and after some more persuading (although I’m more tempted to call it begging) on his part, he signed off and I haven’t heard from him since.

And that was my introduction to the dating system nowadays. I did have another night out, which I will discuss in another post, and my conclusion from both experiences is that nowadays it is perfectly acceptable to go out and hook up with someone in a bar. Apparently one night stands are the done thing. I’m not narrow minded enough to think that all men are only after this kind of arrangement and I am not making a statement about how chivalry is dead. In fact, I kind of like it. I think it gives women the independence to enjoy themselves and have fun without the pressure of a relationship or people judging them for being ‘easy’. I was relieved to find that nobody batted an eyelid when I kissed 2 guys in one night (again, I’ll share in the next post- this one is getting super long!) and I’m happy to find that being single is way more fun than I anticipated! Obviously, I didn’t take this particular guy up on his offer, and I am not sure that I will end up sharing a bed with someone I hardly know in the future. But then again, I never though I would find myself dancing on a bar and that happened.

And on that note – goodnight!

L x