March Favourites.

There are quite a few things I have been loving this month so let’s get straight to it!

1. Orange is the New Black

I recently downloaded Netflix and have been watching this non-stop this month. I have finished both seasons and can’t wait for the third! It’s hilarious, heart-warming, well-written and there isn’t a character whom I don’t love. It’s so real and such a good watch – I would recommend it to anyone!

2. New Nike Trainers

20150404_184438905_iOS 20150404_184505284_iOS 20150404_184527995_iOS

I have been wanting to get a new pair of trainers for a while now and I am always dazzled by the bright neon colours which are popular at the moment. I tend to stick with Nike because I just love their designs and I always go to sportsdirect to see if they have any bargains. Towards the beginning of the month I got lucky and managed to pick up these trainers for only £36. They add a pop of colour to my workout look and I they always make me smile when I catch a glimpse of them on my feet! 

3. Naked 3 Eye Palette


I’m not going to go on and on about this one because reviews have been done to death. If you haven’t been living under a rock then you will know all about how amazing this eye-shadow palette is! The colours are super pigmented and creamy and they make any eye make-up look fabulous. I do use this all year round but I have to say that the colours in it are really suitable for this time of year and are great to make some lovely natural springtime looks.

4. Lanolips Lip Products


This is another beauty one. Despite the warmer weather, I have still been suffering from dry lips. These Lanolips tubes have lasted me all winter and I just adore them – especially the lemonade one. They are creamy, glossy and really soothe cracked dry lips. They are super hydrating and contain SPF which is always a bonus!

5. Rose Gold Journal


My eye is immediately drawn to anything rose-gold and when I spotted this journal in Tesco, I almost squealed with excitement. It’s just beautiful. Being a teacher, I have to admit that cute stationary is one of my weaknesses!  It was an absolute bargain at only £2.50 and it is the perfect size to slip into my bag and use to jot down ideas and notes for my blog. Plus – it looks great with my pen!

6. The List: My Year of Sexual Adventures


I have just finished reading this book and I really did enjoy it. It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life and I do feel somewhat inspired by this memoir (of sorts!). Although I don’t intend to make my own list of sexual encounters to try, I do think I need to be more assertive and take control of my time as a single lady. I want to have fun and look back on this time of my life with a smile on my face, not with a list of regrets in mind. This book has helped me realise this and I really enjoyed switching off after a stressful day and laughing out loud at the funny moments!

7. Bourjois Highlighter and Bronzer Duo

20150404_184249998_iOS 20150404_184259203_iOS

This is my last beauty pick and it was an obvious choice for my March favourites. It’s easy to use, smells lovely and is the perfect colour for my complexion. Enough said!

Hope you liked my March favourites – what products have you been loving this month? Leave you opinions in the comments!

L x


Workout Wishlist

I’m trying to be good and save up some money because fingers crossed, I will be a home owner soon and the house I am in the process of purchasing will need some work/decorating when I eventually move in. So I’ve settled for ‘window shopping’ where possible this month and I have come up with a wishlist of workout clothing I would love to have in my wardrobe. Enjoy!

w1 w2 w3





1. Blue Active Abstract Print Crop Top New Look £9.99

2. Black Graphic Print Sports Tights Elle Sport ( £16.99

3. Running Jacket H&M £29.99

4. Nike Roche Run Nike ( £79.00

5. White Sports Believe Achieve Vest New Look £9.99

6. Floral Side Stripe Leggings Next £18.00

7. Active Slouch Drawstring Sweathshirt Grey Missguided £14.00

8. Adipure 360.2 Chill Shoes Addidas £80.00

9. Sports Bra Medium Support H&M £14.99

10. Aleena Slash Neck Sports Tee £10.00 

workout wishlist

Is Instant Messaging Actually a Hindrance?

I need to bring him up again. Fit guy at the gym. Although now I can call him Mark because recently he actually wore his name badge so I finally managed to figure out what he is called. So, if you have been reading this series (Diary of a Single Girl) then you will know that I have fancied the pants off this guy for quite a while. He is usually at the desk or by the pool when I visit my gym and so I tend to manage an awkward 3 line conversation before I run to the refuge of the changing rooms feeling rather flustered. It’s pretty pathetic really. I have always had the feeling that he might like me, he seems to want to make conversation and he tends to come into the gym when I am in to chat to the instructor there for a few minutes before flashing me a smile and heading off.

Anyway, on Sunday I went in and felt a little disappointed that I didn’t see him sat at the desk so I headed upstairs to complete my work out. Half way through, he comes in to the gym and it turns out he is covering for someone. We got chatting as usual but this time I didn’t really have anywhere to escape to and I actually managed a full conversation. He seemed to be flirting and we had a laugh – my instincts tell me that this guy is interested, and hot, so I should go for it- who knows what could happen. But that is where my problem is. I don’t know what to do.

Technology has made dating seem a lot less intimidating for me. Thanks to Tinder and the art of texting, I have managed to flirt with several guys over the past few months, confidently hidden by my phone. And after breaking the ice and chatting over Whatsapp I have been able to go out and meet people in person. I pretty much have the whole online dating down to a tee now. Flirt and chat about jobs and living situations, move on to jokes about how lame Tinder is and after a day or so of chit chat, offer your number and take it from there. It’s so far proved to be a fool proof method and my contact list is slowly growing with random numbers labelled with a mans name and a cute emoticon (Cue: Matt winky face and Pete Embarrassed Monkey). But now I have met someone in real life. Some one who I actually have a physical attraction to and who frankly makes me weak at the knees and turns me into a bit of a giggling school girl. He seems nice and funny and there is that good old-fashioned connection. Which I don’t want to go away. But in an age where instant messaging and alcohol fuelled hook ups are the norm, I don’t know the first thing about how to take the next step.

I feel silly just asking for his number, would be mortified if I invited him out for a drink and he said no and dread him revealing that he actually has a girlfriend sat at home. I don’t know where to go next and I imagine that he isn’t going to take the lead on this one a) because he comes across as a little shy like me and b) he’s at work and it might not be appropriate. Maybe I just need to grow a pair, and write my number down for him. Assertive girls are sexy right? But then the fear of rejection and having to see him every time I go to workout is almost too much to bear!

Maybe online dating isn’t such a revolutionary thing after all. Maybe it’s killing the art of human interaction. Now that’s a sombre thought!

L x

Outfit of the Day – Weekend Blue.

This is a bit of a cheat as it’s not actually my outfit of the day. It’s one I whipped up over the weekend when I went on a lunch/shopping trip with my mum and sisters and wanted to share with you all.


Please excuse the mess behind me! This usually ends up happening when I am trying to find something to wear!



Playsuit (just £5!), Belt, Black Tights – Primark

Cardigan, Bag – River Island

Scarf – no idea! I’ve had it a long time!

Boots- New Look

Watch _Michael Kors

Bracelet and Charms- Pandora

My problem.

The morning after my last (and coincidently, my first!) date, I debriefed with my sister. The conversation went something along the lines of : He was nice, didn’t really look like his pictures, tried a bit too hard, and was generally just a bit awkward. He’s a lovely guy, just not for me. And her response was “Are we finished with this Tinder phase now?” I asked what she meant by that. She told me that she doesn’t really believe Tinder is the place where I am going to find somebody who is actually relationship material. She thinks it’s all a bit shallow and too appearance based. My counter argument to that is that when you are on a night out, you don’t approach people who you aren’t attracted to do you? You look around and make an effort to speak to the guy who makes you a little weak at the knees. Now I know that looks aren’t everything and I would fiercely argue that the most attractive quality is always somebody’s personality but physical looks are also important to secure that initial connection.

Anyway, it did make me think about my time on Tinder and whether or not I should continue to be active on there. After all, if I seriously want to find somebody to have a serious relationship with then it’s not really the thing I want to be admitting to our future children Well kids, your dad swiped right on my Tinder profile and the rest is history! 

And then I realised that is my exact problem.

I don’t need to be looking for the next ‘Mr Right’. If in fact, my dating journey is successful, then eventually it will lead to a serious relationship. But instead of thinking about that end result, I should be enjoying my time as a single lady – after all this could be the last time that I find myself in this situation. I don’t want to look back and wish that I had had more fun. I’m currently reading The List: My Year of Sexual Adventures by Joanna Bolouri and I’m feeling pretty inspired by her attitude towards dating. She decides to write a list of things she wants to try sexually and then sets about crossing them off one by one. Now I’m not suggesting that is something I want to try myself, but what I am impressed by is how assertive and confident she is. She doesn’t think about the long term, but just what she wants in the moment. She enjoys meeting and spending time with new and different people and that’s what I feel I should be doing. I need to stop over thinking and just go with the flow. If I meet someone and end up in bed with them after the first date, so what? If I get chatting to a guy over text and they turn to something NSFW, then I should enjoy that rather than worrying about whether or not I come across as ‘too easy’. And it’s not just about sex. This is my time to enjoy flirting, going to new places with new people and to have fun.

And on that note I want to share the opening line my latest Tinder match used…

tinder 1tinder 2

Would you believe that after that horrendous chat-up line I actually gave him my number? I have to give him points for managing that one! So it’s another case of watch this space – I’m sticking with Tinder in the short term – just for a laugh. And I will of course, keep you updated on my antics now I have this fresh outlook on how to date successfully! Thanks for sticking with me :)

L x

Looking for Inspiration.

So, things are really looking up with my house move situation. I have found a place I like and my offer has been accepted. It will not be taken off the market until my mortgage is in place but I am hoping to have that sorted by the end of the week.

The property is basically an empty shell at the moment. It’s plain cream everywhere with a new bathroom and kitchen already installed. I’m really going to need to work hard to make it feel like home – but that’s a challenge I am really looking forward to! Now my second challenge is that I am also on a very limited budget. Being a first time buyer means I don’t have many savings to fall back on and there are lots of things I need to get done. I want the house to look amazing, and to be something I am proud of but I need to achieve this as cheaply as possible! I plan to keep you guys updated every step of the way and want to create a ‘home décor’ series so that I have a record of my progress over time.

My problem is at the moment that I don’t really know where to start! I have been looking on pinterest but have struggled to find anything that look achievable. I don’t know what colours I want and I don’t know what sort of things I need to purchase first! If anyone knows of some good blogs or places I can get some advice, I would be really grateful if you left a link in the comments!

In the meantime I’m going to continue to snoop around the internet and hope something jumps out at me!!

L x

Get Ready With Me: Date Night

If you have kept up with Diary of a Single Girl the you will know that I have recently been chatting to a guy I swiped right for on Tinder and that he had asked to meet me. Well last night was our date and I thought it might be nice to share what I wore/ used on my face. With me being an anonymous blogger, I couldn’t show you my finished make-up look but I hope this post will be interesting all the same!


On my face I used my Chanel Illuminator Base (a product I absolutely adore!), L’Oreal True Match Foundation, L’Oreal Illuminating Concealer and Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder. I don’t really contour my face obviously, but I do like to use Bourjois Delice De Poudre Highlighter to contour my nose and add a bit of bronzer round the sides of my face and I highlight the bridge of my nose, chin, under eyes and cupids bow. Finally, I use MAC Blusher in Margin on the apples of my cheeks. Face done!

I prime my eyes with MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection and then created a brown/bronze smoky eye look using my 2 favourite eye palettes Urban Decay’s Naked 3 and Smashbox’s Full Exposure. I love the matt colours in that second palette and plan to get lots of use out of it! I also received a free sample of their full exposure mascara when I purchased the eye palette and I absolutely love it and plan to purchase a full size version.

I love my lemonade Lanolips lip balm and wore that to complete my make-up look!


I used my Babyliss Curling Wand to loosely curl my hair. My hair is naturally very thin and if I try to curl it properly then it just falls out, so I tend to stick to slight curls which add volume and make it look a bit thicker.

20150320_194143364_iOS 20150320_194428338_iOS

And here is my outfit!! My dress is from Forever 21, the blazer is from H&M and I wear it all the time. My handbag is from River Island and my Jewellery (if you can see it!) is from Primark. My watch is my most beloved possession and it’s by Michael Kors.

The date itself was okay. We went to a nice bar and had a few drinks  but unfortunately I didn’t feel that spark. I found it really difficult to explain that I wouldn’t be interested in seeing him again, especially because he was so lovely. I suppose that is all part and parcel of the dating game and now I’m back to square one! So excuse me while I get myself back on Tinder and start swiping once again!

Until next time,

L x

I think I might have found ‘The One’.

And no I’m not talking meeting the man of my dreams. Sorry to disappoint!

I’ve been searching for my first home for quite a few months now and I have to admit that the whole process has been taking a lot longer than I anticipated. There is always something that puts me off a property: it’s too small, too high maintenance, too expensive or too old fashioned. There have been some that I have fallen head over heels in love with and some that I have hated the moment I set foot in them. But yesterday I found a property that is somewhere in the middle. It needs work but only decoration and it’s a blank canvas. It has 3 bedrooms which aren’t too big. It’s modern and has a new bathroom and kitchen so I don’t have to worry about that side of things. Basically, it’s a good compromise – it has everything I need for my first home and it’s has no personality yet, so it’s a good project for me to be working on.

I haven’t put an offer on the property yet, I’m having a think overnight to make sure it really is what I want – but I have a good feeling that I will be a home owner soon. To celebrate I’ve taken some of my favourite photographs from the pinterest board I have been making to share some of the ideas I have for my new house!

30 Designers secret tips: Wonderful Home Decoration

. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS #Decorating_Your_Home #Top_Decorating_Styles #Home_Decorating_Ideas

So calm and cozy #home #interiors #Living room

An Organized Interior Design Office Space - A. Peltier Interiors Inc BH good for currently working on

colour scheme and armchair positioning, plus layout above fireplace ....Lovely living room - this colour would look great in our lounge

*All images are taken from pinterest and the various sites they provide links to.

My first ever date?

So this is really just a quick update to let you know how I am getting on. I haven’t been out recently or met anyone new. What I have done is stuck with Tinder and continued to chat to some guys. Most have been a few messages here and there and have either been people who are slightly (or not so slightly!) weird and not really my cup of tea or they have been posers who only want me to send them snapchats. But I have actually started speaking to a guy I kind of like…

We’ve been talking non – stop for almost a week now. He comes across as funny, charming and caring. He looks really attractive in his pictures and we have been getting on really well. And he’s asked me out! I don’t really know what to expect – I’ve never been out on a ‘date’ with someone I don’t know or who wasn’t a friend first. I’m quite excited to meet him in person and hope that he is as lovely in real life as he seems in his messages. I will have to keep you all informed of what happens – watch this space!

If anyone has any advice on what to wear / how to avoid any awkwardness and just general first date etiquette – please leave me a comment!!

L x

Superdrug Haul.

So I nipped out for a Mothers Day card over the weekend and accidentally ended up in Superdrug and filled a basket with bits and bobs I needed to stock up on.


Simple: Kind to Skin range.

I have always liked Simple products and have used them a lot in the past, so when I realised I needed a new moisturiser I decided to see what products they had available. I spotted these products straight away (I’m not sure how new they are but it’s the first time I have seen them!) and I decided to give them a try. I really like the packaging – they feel more high end than other Simple products and the bottles really are beautiful. They seem quite durable and I know they will survive getting knocked around in my make up bag.


Now, the moisturiser is lov-er-ly!! It’s not too thick and has a really silky consistency. It soaks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave your face feeling damp in any way. The scent is nice and not too strong, a little bit of product goes a long way and my skin already feels less dry and tight after only 2 days of use. I think I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future! I picked up the BB cream because I wanted something lighter than my full coverage foundation to wear during the day now the weather is getting better. This comes in a universal shade and when I first saw it, I thought it looked very orange. Once blended into my face however, it really matches my skin. It does give me a bit more colour than my foundation and so my skin looks more sun-kissed when I have the BB cream on – perfect for Spring/Summer. Again, this is something I think will become a permanent feature in my make up collection! Last up is the Illuminator. This offers SPF protection and is supposed to give your skin a nice dewy look. It contains multi-vitamins and light reflecting minerals and I applied it over the moisturiser. My make up went on beautifully and blended really nicely onto my skin after using this!

Tea Tree Oil


I originally nipped in to Superdrug to get a tea tree product to help get rid of a nasty spot that has appeared in the middle of my forehead. It’s actually very rare that I suffer from spots but this monster wasn’t moving! I got a tea tree stick and some blended oil – and I’m happy to report that this under skin beast looks to be shrinking- hurray!!

Bits and Bobs

T-Zone Pore Strips. Supposed to unclog blackheads on your nose. I have used strips lots of times before but not this particular brand. Had a go with them last night and they didn’t really do much!

V05 Dry Shampoo. I’m usually a Batisse girl, but now I have highlighted hair I can’t use their brunette spray and I don’t like how grey the other sprays tend to come out. So I tried V05 because I have heard it’s more transparent. I’d agree with that. There is still some grey powder but it’s much more easy to brush in and hide than with Batisse.

Cotton Pads. I went for oval one this time because they seem bigger than the usual round ones I get so I’m hoping I will use less at a time!

MUA transparent lip liner. I’m really rubbish when it comes to applying lip colour. I’m not one of these people who preps and powders and lines before I put on lipstick but with me recently purchasing a bolder colour for spring I thought it might be wise to invest in a lip liner!

And that’s my little haul! Have you used any of the above products or have maybe done some similar reviews? Leave me a link in the comments! Thanks – L x


Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream £5.99 (on offer at time of blog post)

Simple Perfecting BB Cream £5.99 (on offer at time of blog post)

Simple Protecting Moisture Cream £4.66 (on offer at time of blog post)

Superdrug Tea Tree Blended Oil £3.29

Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick £3.29

T Zone Nose Pore Strips £3.49

MUA Academy Lip Liner Clear £1.00

VO5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo £1.77 (normally £3.59)

Superdrug Cotton Wool Oval Pads £1.89